How China Is Improving Coal Technology

Coal will continue to dominate Chinas energy sector until 2050 at least. That’s the key sentence. Combined with Alarmist credo that China is one of the good boys in CO2 commitments this makes for an odd statement. We have been told that we need to reduce our carbon footprint drastically as otherwise, we face a calamity. The biggest consumer of coal on earth says that coal will remain its key energy source for another 30 years at least which means more carbon emissions and China still is given a clean bill of health by the IPCC. So, either the IPCC does not believe its own predictions as it would be much more concerned about Chinas coal addiction or there will be a miracle at some point in time. I believe that the OECD world is being sold for an idiot by the Alarmist church so they can run their racket and they know full well that China would never fall for their fraud so they want to pass it off as a good boy because they know that nothing bad will happen in 2030 with higher CO2 and its good to make some cash in the meantime.

In China, though specific achievements are hard to pinpoint owing in part to a dearth of public or internationally available information, coal technology developments appear to be advancing more rapidly than anywhere in the world.

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