In maintaining Jones Act, the winner is Putin

Is there some Russian LNG getting into the US through Boston? Yes. Could this LNG theoretically be delivered from the USGC? Sure it could. Is Jones Act preventing this now? Absolutely. Let’s keep things in perspective, however. Total volumes of LNG from Russia are less than significant. We are talking of single cargos – literally a drop in the overall US gas market. This LNG could come from a number of places and it does – once in a while a Russian cargo slips in. As said, tiny. While I am in favor of revoking the Jones Act or making more liberal use of exemptions, making pipeline building towards the North Eastern States easier would do a lot more to take care of the situation. And its the radical Greens who oppose new pipes.

The Russians are invading Boston Harbor and natural gas and diversion are their weapons of choice. Forget about elections, this is about staying warm or keeping the lights on.

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