How DC unleashed fossil-fuel exports despite climate worries

Methane is a potent greenhouse gas – that’s true. But it does not belong into the atmosphere – it should rather be put into a vehicle tank replacing diesel where it burns much cleaner than any other vehicle fuel. The industry must make sure that less methane is lost on the way – that’s true. But much of the atmospheric methane comes from wetlands, farming, and termites. So if we are really afraid of methane in the air we must stop eating rice and red meat, we must drain and clean up many of the hydropower plants we have built and we must also destroy termite mounds. Do we want that? I doubt. Let’s keep things in perspective – singling out fossil fuel extraction is cherry picking.

Energy Secretary Rick Perry’s keynote speech at the World Gas Conference in June opened with a marching band and ended with an exhibition by the Harlem Globetrotters. It was a spectacle befitting the industry symposium. “We’re sharing our energy bounty with the world,” Perry gushed from a stage at the Washington Convention Center.

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