Saudis team up with Russians to compete with US natural gas

The real problem of Saudi Arabia and Russia is not US Natural Gas. This is a symptom of decades during which the classical producers have grown fat, ditched even the most watered down measure of reform and they also have grown touchy. US shale gas (and oil) was like an immune reaction of a healthy organism to a long-lasting pathogen. Eventually, a remedy will always be found. They have not understood that. Combing forces that need a new business plan just makes for more misery. But fixing the house is hard – and who wants the hard life when the last 2 decades were so sweet?

SAUDIS TEAM UP WITH RUSSIANS TO COMPETE WITH US NATURAL GAS: Saudi Energy Minister Khalid Al-Falih on Monday played up a joint effort with Russia to develop the Arctic’s natural gas resources, making it a potential rival with the U.S. in exporting natural gas to Asia and elsewhere.

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