New U.N. Climate Report Says Put a High Price on Carbon

A straight carbon tax is just going disadvantage local producers relative to those that don’t give a damn. We know that China has destroyed its land and exploits its population in often inhumane ways in order to be able to do things cheaper than others and hence disrupt markets globally. If Chinese producers had to observe the same standards that we have, they would not be so cheap (apply that to any country that does the same). If we applied a pollution-related tax (call it a duty if you want) and gave every country a price depending on the conditions there, the playing field is level and there is an incentive to reduce emissions. Every country can do that on its own without waiting for others to do the same.

In its landmark report on the fast-approaching dangers of climate change, a United Nations scientific panel said on Sunday that putting a price on carbon dioxide emissions would be central for getting global warming under control.

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