How Desperate Is Elon?

Running out of other peoples money is a common trope of all Ponzi schemes. Not only has Elon fooled those who handed over their hard earned cash for shares in his company, he has also extorted money from all of us, all of those who were not willing to fall for this fraud. Madoff does jail time for the Ponzi he ran. Will we see Elon doing the same?

Elon can’t sell his cars – so he is suing to make people buy them. Or at least, suing to compel the government to keep on paying people to buy them – if that distinction amounts to any meaningful difference. Canada had a law – like the one in the U.S. – which greatly subsidized the individual purchase of Teslas and other electric cars via rebates bestowed upon those who did buy them. These purchaser subsidies amounted to several thousand dollars each, and worth a lot more to Tesla, et al, since without them the incentive to buy an electric car dims considerably.

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