How hydrogen could shake up Canada’s energy sector

The new bubble as Tesla goes under and will take the dream of affordable EV’s where it belongs – into fantasyland so we need a new hype. Anyone who has worked with hydrogen will tell you about the diffusion problem. Eventually, hydrogen permeates through everything. And I mean everything. Steel pipes exposed to hydrogen grow brittle and will fail over time. Keep pumping more hydrogen into those pipes of yours and see what happens to the pipes over time. You might want to plonk some money down for early pipe replacement.

A few decades ago, there was hype around hydrogen because of how one day it may replace gasoline and diesel as the fuel most use to fill up their tanks. And while the use of hydrogen is still in its infancy, it’s growing in Canada. The potential is significant for how the most abundant element in the universe could change the country’s transportation, electricity and energy sectors.

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