It’s Lindsey Graham vs. Donald Trump on climate crisis

“I would encourage the President to look long and hard at the science and find a solution.” as crazy as this sounds but maybe Trump did exactly that. Maybe he really took a look at the science and as he seems not to be in the thrall of the Warmist cabal, he might just have looked at things for what they are really worth rather than the souped-up version. And he might have come to the conclusion that it’s all so flimsy that he would not bet a nickel on it. Do I speculate now? Hell yes, I have no idea why Trump does what he does and I think that nobody else than Trump knows but as the science of Climate Change is as lukewarm as throw up after two hours on the tarmac I don’t care how he makes his decisions as long as they bring back some sanity.

Sen. Lindsey Graham is sounding an alarm on climate change — and hoping to make it loud enough for President Donald Trump to hear.

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