Tanzania’s LNG dreams may be scuppered by mistrust

Gas was found in Tanzanian waters. Tanzanian governmental officials immediately saw the Ferraris and private planes plus lots of cash they can throw at their people at election time. They sold the skin of the bear while they only knew that there was a bear but not how to kill it. And now they find out that the killing and skinning is way harder than anticipated and may prove impossible. This is what politicians do when they face the resources la-la-land. Tanzania may never have an LNG plant – at least not if things go on the way they are now. They either manage to pull off a radical overhaul of the project fundamentals by managing their expectations and adjusting them to the international reality or we have some more stranded gas.

IOCs have reengaged in Rovuma Basin discussions—but the East African country will find it hard to get LNG back on track

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