Chinese shale struggles to get moving

China`s trouble with shale has many reasons – not the least of them being the nature of the reserves one finds there. But there one reason that China will have most trouble understanding: in the US it was not huge corporations with layered management that cracked this Pandoras box open, it was rough wild cutters working fields that were left over by the big leagues. It took them years of pain and tears, lots of setbacks and mental scar tissue, and plenty of spirit to keep going when it appeared almost impossible to … It’s the unique environment in the US where the unhinged forces of entrepreneurs meet with a can do mentality and nerd power to create a new paradigm. Static bureaucrats cannot simply copy that – and if they do they would get infected and it might change them which is not what they want.

The Asian giant is having difficulties emulating the US shale gas revolution, but is determined to keep developing its own resources

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