NGVs battle zero-emissions rivals in EU transport sector

NGV’s are still part of the problem, as instead, they should be part of the solution. And this is the biggest reason why I am so mad at this stupid Climate Alarmist craze. It masks other, way more important issues that need resolving. In many cities such as Paris, NGV’s would go a long way to rid the city of its frequent smog days. There are still plenty of cities in Europe where breathing is hazardous and there are still many thousands that die every year just because of fine particulate matter and NOx emitted through the tailpipes of countless trucks. LNG and CNG trucks and buses are almost at the same price as diesel vehicles and the fuel is cheaper now. This is something we can implement right now as opposed to some pie-in-the-sky technology that’s till needs to be developed.

The use of natural gas in Europe’s transport sector has slowed in 2019, reversing a previous upward trend, as competition with zero-emissions vehicles intensifies. The best growth prospects now lie in the commercial vehicles segment, industry observers say.

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