MIT Doctorate Climate Scientist Slams GW Claims: Based On “Untrustworthy, Falsified Data”…”No Scientific Value”!

Now a Climate Scientist, a doctorate from one of the most prestigious East Coast establishments confirming what has been clear to all those using common sense for a long time. Let me spruce this up with another example. There is a turret clock on the Tour d’Horloge at the corner of the Conciergerie in Paris which Parisians claim has not stopped once for 800 years. How would we know if it stopped once, twice, 1000 times? We know that much that we get from history is unreliable as much has been embellished or corrected. Same for temperature data. Temperature is like the clock – its measurements are fleeting. At one time its here – then it’s gone. You can only trust – or not trust. Considering how much money is in Climate Change I prefer to know. And knowledge spreads from proof – not from trusting someone’s word. Wrecking the world economy on the basis of so little is a crime to humanity.

In a newly released Kindle book that is set to peeve established climate science, an MIT doctorate climate researcher blasts alarmist claims of a warming planet and illustrates how temperature data are untrustworthy and far too scant to draw sound conclusions.

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