Lingen Cheated: Germany’s New All-Time Record High Resulted From DWD Weather Service Lousy Station Siting

How are temperatures determined? No, I am serious. The Lingen example shows us a perfect example of cherry-picking data to suit a certain narrative. If there are multiple measurements in a small region, should averages not be determined. I can put a thermometer outside my office where it receives maximum direct sun and is right above a lively street in a city center. the Urban Heat Island effect alone is going to make sure that it will show higher temperatures than someone just one km away in a nearby public park. How many datapoints does such a station register per day? What counts as average temperature then What a regional average, or national, or more? What’s the average temperature for the world per year? How is the Urban Heat Island effect taken care of? How other human-related factors that have little o nothing to do with climate? I never see those questions – all I see is hype around one reading. regardless of the circumstances. Oh besides, my pizza stove was hotter than Lingen – does that count?

During last week’s record-setting European heat wave, Germany’s previous record of 40.3C was impressively shattered by the measurement station located at the northwest city of Lingen, near the Dutch border, some 50 kilometers from where I live. The German DWD weather service and media loved it!

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