Global Elites Take Private Jets, Yachts to Climate Summit

I am getting a lot of flak because I am reading articles from Breitbart. To all those annoyed – I don’t give a damn. I read lots of stuff, from every ilk. Yes, alarmist media as well of course. It’s sometimes hard on my brain but I want to avoid the echo chamber. And frankly, is any of this not true just because it is published in Breitbart? Are those preachers for less CO2 emissions not each producing more CO2 per day than any average person in a year? Or worse? Their private jets and Superboats don’t run on renewables – no, they are sure to enjoy the warm and fuzzy feeling only the reliability of fossil fuels can give you. But they tell us how to live. I have only one thing to tell them – shut it. We don’t need hypocritical self-anointed grandstanders that preach water and drink the finest wine. You pollute our views with your mugs.

The great and the good from the worlds of business, finance, politics, entertainment, and European royalty have descended on the Sicilian seaside for a billionaire’s-only party dubbed Google Summer Camp.

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