Miley Cyrus Won’t Reproduce Until She’s Confident Her Kid Can ‘Live on an Earth with Fish’

I can see she is dead serious about this. Just as serious as she was when she said she would leave the US if Trump won the election. Wait a minute – she is still there. Ahh yes, some tears fixed it for her. So, this time she probably just wanted to be cool – and managed to be incredibly dumb. Miley Cyrus, you jet setting hypocrite. You have the carbon footprint of a small town with your lifestyle and you want to lecture us? If you were actually worried about Climate Change, you would practice what you preach but I get it, I get it. You think we are all idiots and won’t see what a crook you really are. And you are right on many, but some of us see you for what you are. Oh besides, I hope this plastic fish is not actually plastic as plastic comes from … never mind.

Pop star turned Planned Parenthood activist Miley Cyrus will not consider having a child due to global warming-related anxiety, vowing not to reproduce until she is confident her offspring can “live on an earth with fish in the water.”

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