Texas Track Bans EVs, Cites Fire Concerns. Many Tesla Owners Aren’t Buying It.

Not even 3 months pass without reports on horrible battery explosions in some EV. Those things blow up while being parked with no apparent reason, they blow up when rolling, they blow up when hitting the rails, they blow up at many instances that we do not understand yet. When an ICE blows up and/or burns, we know why and we know how to deal with it. There were reports of EV’s that have burned, could not be extinguished, that have been placed into containers filled with water for double-digit hours, and reignited when pulled out of the container. We don’t know under what circumstances they happen, we don’t know why they are so violent and we cant extinguish them. I don’t want any of them close to me or my loved ones. Or have you heard of a parked ICE car that exploded just like that? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AmbHpqWjMVE

Recently, the Texas Motor Speedway decided to not allow electric vehicles to participate in their “Friday Night Drags” event. When asked by Teslarati why this was, the track’s spokesman said the track wasn’t prepared to deal with battery fires, should one occur. 

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