Merkel Weighs German Carbon Prices to Speed Pollution Cuts

Where do those 28 billion in subsidies come from? Renewable Energy advocates never tire of telling us that RE is cost competitive – no, they actually tell us that wind and solar are cheaper than everything else now. If they really are, what the hell do they need subsidies for? Why do we need to shove 28 billion (it’s quite a bit more than that but let’s stick with that umber for the sake of argument) down the throats of those that taunt us with their claims of being better than anyone. Either they just brazenly lie in our faces and take us for total idiots as they expect us to lap it up like ice cream, or they don’t lie, but they still want the money which means that they are greedier than any bankster. Pick what you like better. A moment of truth would be welcome. Own this or live with what the market gives you without gifts from the taxpayer.

Germany is considering whether to impose a tax on carbon pollution or push to expand the existing European market in an effort to speed up the pace of reducing greenhouse gases.

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