Europe’s imports of American natural gas are soaring

What a load of crap – Europe cannot make good on any promise. The market is in oversupply and Europe is the only place to go for much of the LNG worldwide plus the USGC is closer to us than Middle East producers and especially Australia. So we end up with more LNG. Anyone on the market who is surprised now should immediately consider some new career path because if you have not been comatose for years, you might be more comfortable flipping burger-patties. When the Asian sucking sound amplifies again, Europe will get much less LNG again. It can afford to – Asia can’t. When Asians don’t get the LNG they need, lights go out. When Europe does not get it simply taps into storage and pipeline supplies. That could be your business model – the fact that so few understand that shows how sleepy we are.

Europe is making good on a promise to buy much more American natural gas as it seeks to ease transatlantic trade tension and reduce its reliance on Russian energy.

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