Tesla investigates after car appears to explode in China

Just yesterday I commented on a Tesla fire in the US – here is a Video. See how fast white smoke appears and how fast the explosion happens afterwards. Imagine you are sitting in this car – would you get out in time? Imagine it is parked in the city besides the sidewalk and this happens – would you get away fast enough? What about the elderly who cannot jump, what about a baby stroller. If it really happens that quick we must be a little more circumspect. Because when bad things can happen, they will happen. Do we understand why those explosions happen and if we do, why don’t we prevent them? Gasoline is a flammable substance and it may explode – we understand how it works and it barely ever happens. Especially not if the vehicle is immobilized. Gasoline cars outnumber EV’s by more than an order to magnitude so this happening so many times with EV’s is pretty bad.

A short video of surveillance footage posted on Chinese social media site Weibo (WB) showed white smoke emerging from what looks like a white Tesla car parked at a lot in Shanghai. After a few seconds, the electric vehicle bursts into flames and the clip ends soon afterward.

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