Earth Day 2019 – Protect our species

Earth day reinforces this erroneous belief that Earth is some kindhearted goddess which always seeks to balance things and to create an ideal world where everyone loved each other and which is kind in nature. When in reality none of this is true at all. Earth and nature (call it the way you want) managed to pull off the first 5 mass extinctions all by itself – no human interference needed. Let’s not forget that the largest of them pulled off a staggering 95% species loss. This means that out of 100 species, only 5 survived the great dying. There were numerous smaller extinction event strewn in between all of earths history and even today’s planet is far from being anywhere close to some sort of balance. Whenever life had occupied a niche, that niche was under constant assault by outside forces and most of the time, was made uninhabitable by nature alone in time. There were dead zones in the oceans before humans, desertification before humans, warming and cooling without humans, deserts became jungles and vice versa, icelands becoming prairies and vice versa, whole ecosystems springing into existence and then being wiped away. There were mass poisonings, regions big like countries were sterilized of all life, and oceans went pink from algae bloom all without humans being around. Does that mean that we have a free pass for doing whatever we want to the planet. NO, absolutely not. But Gaia is no kind goddess. She just does not care for us, or for nature, or species or the planet. Life is a blip in the evolution of the universe. Before long, the Sun will sterilize this planet again and that’s it then.

Earth Day is celebrated by more than a billion people every year. It is a day of action that aims to change human behavior and provoke policy changes worldwide.

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