World’s dirtiest air needs infusion of natural gas

I grew up in the Austrian countryside. I remember that every end of summer, the fields were ablaze because the farmers burned the stubble of a lot of straw they just could not use. Thick yellow smoke hung in the air for days on end. It’s a long time that I have seen fields burn. The practice has been outlawed. But some days ago, I was reminded by a commenter that the practice is rife in India and that it contributes massively to the smog there. It’s sure not the entire reason and Natural Gas would go a long way to clean the situation up but smog does not only come from coal and diesel. It’s more complex than that and it’s hard to change old habits.

One of the biggest challenges facing Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi as he begins his second term is ensuring clean air in a country that’s home to some of the most polluted cities in the world.

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