Why Some Landfills are Exploring Virtual Pipelines to Capitalize on Gas

4000 psi – I am not a specialist in Compressed Gas but I know that compressing to 4000 psi does not come cheap. Who can tell me what it costs per MMBTU because I would like to compare to small scale liquefaction. Once its liquid, holding tanks become a lot simpler, and they hold a lot more gas as well at very low pressure. The other thing I do not get is why they don’t try to gasify local transport. Again, I don’t know anything about local conditions but transporting RNG over long distances does not make a horrible lot of sense to me. Does anyone know more? I am very interested in waste to energy.

Bulk transportation of renewable natural gas (RNG) by truck, or a virtual pipeline, is a growing industry in the U.S. While some landfill owners are setting up virtual pipelines to fuel their fleets, a few are tapping into these systems to get gas into utility pipelines. It’s an expensive endeavor but may be worth it, especially for remote landfills wanting to capitalize on renewable credits. Some utilities find it’s opening opportunities for them, too.

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