Joe Biden’s Climate Advice to Coal Miners: “learn to code”

Biden has been a member of Congress for more than 40 years. How much does he know about the realities of normal life? Maybe even more than he admits as he tries to shield his offspring from the vagaries of the job market. Because when he tells miners to start learning to code he spits right in their faces. Today, when you are 30 years old and you start learning how to code you are most likely toast. Most coders I know were better than I am now when they were 10 years old. Yes, I do some coding, its pretty amateur. I could not compete with those young coders if I wanted. And I have a 20-year amateur coding history. How does anyone expect someone who has never done that to compete? He does not. He knows that those miners are toast and he still arrogantly pokes at them. Despicable.

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