President Trump to Drop Climate Change from Federal Infrastructure Planning

Just common sense, unproven theories should not be the foundation for throwing taxpayers money out of the window. The biggest threat the developed world is facing today is not China, its not Iran, it’s itself. Not in the way that most do understand that though. It looks like that countries start to ossify when they have been living the good life for too long. Some of us take this for granted. It’s not. There are systems and people that keep this thing we call civilization running. Trump seems to be serious to break the bullshit concrete that has overgrown our lives. I did not think this would ever happen but it does. The US is on its way to deal with the deadliest problem we have. It’s rejuvenating. When you are done in the US, I would sure appreciate if you could lend us some of your time to do the same to my home country.

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