Journey to Antarctica: What Scientists Think of Trump’s Latest Climate Tweet

Yes, sure. A question. What would happen to the cushy well-paid jobs those scientists have now when Climate Alarmist is debunked for what it really is – a giant hoax? What you say? Their jobs would all be axed? So, they have a strong incentive to blow that thing out of proportion. That’s good for their economic well-being in the end. I understand. Oh, by the way, if I lived inside a plastic bag and CO2 went from 400ppm to 4000ppm, I would still be fine. Problem is that we will exceed that rapidly by me breathing and I would not die of being cooked to death but from asphyxiation. And those are scientists you say?

To scientists in Antarctica, President Trump is weirder than a sea pig. On Tuesday, Trump tweeted a quote from Patrick Moore, a well-known climate denier who claims to have been a co-founder of Greenpeace. (He wasn’t, and Greenpeace has disavowed him as a “paid lobbyist.”) “The whole climate crisis is not only Fake News, it’s Fake Science,” Trump quoted Moore as saying on an episode of Fox & Friends.

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