The 1.5 Generation

Oh yes, we need more of that. We need activists destroying energy infrastructure that keeps millions warm and safe. It will hurt, but it will put people on the spot. Because when the gas runs out and you can’t have breakfast or shower in the morning due to the actions of a halfwit, you cannot simply lean back and do nothing. You will be pissed. You will cope somehow but this will stick with you. Next time something like this is announced, you most likely won’t switch channels. You will listen, and you will watch, and you will scream at the television, and you will wish all those activists would be sent to Mars. Because you then will know the consequences of having to live without the energy infrastructure that we take for granted right now and that’s reliably available when you need it. And at election time, you will know who to vote for. Will it be the one who supports those who have given you cold showers and a breakfast on dry biscuits? Or will it be someone else. Those folks are not activists – they are terrorists and its time that people wake up to the consequences of their actions. Pain is a great educator.

My generation, the millennials, will never know a time when climate change wasn’t a grave threat. Back in 1988, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere crossed the 350 parts per million level when I was still watching Sesame Street and digging up worms in the backyard.

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