LNG bunkers no better for climate than conventional fuels report concludes

Jori likes us to choke in toxic fumes rather than letting LNG clean up shipping. Its this constant dreaming about the green city on the hill that really kills us. What’s the solution for T&E? Electric shipping? Has anyone seen a Tesla go up in flames once. Google for images and videos. Just imagine this on the scale of an ocean going vessel. Methane slip can be addressed with today’s technology. It’s not a technology problem, it’s a problem of proper supply chain management. I guess that none of the T&E management lives near a shipping lane as otherwise they would think different.

Oh, I forgot, why is SEALNG so meek on the biomethane issue? Biomethane has no place in electricity production – its real place is in transport. T&E just emits nasty word emissions. I expect SEALNG to call them on this crap.

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