LNG by rail could help protect U.S. maritime law

What’s a pipeline – a tube that brings stuff from one point to the other. It costs a lot to build it and its super inflexible as once its built, it goes where it goes. It does not care about market changes or requirements. Rail cars can do this much more flexibly. Just imagine a flotilla of rail cars converging on points where cold spots are predicted, giving this region the quick boost it needs when it needs it. And when there is need somewhere else, they just reroute. I predict that rail transport of LNG will one day be cheaper than pipeline transport. Oh, such a rail car is also quite a nice storage container. The whole notion of linepack gets a new meaning.

President Donald Trump’s executive order allowing liquefied natural gas (LNG) to move by rail could be used to head off attempts to open up domestic vessel shipments to foreign competition, a maritime executive has told FreightWaves.

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