What Good is the Electric Car if Nobody Can Afford It? Cheap Electric Cars on the Horizon

Thats where the dog dumps his load onto the sidewalk. Can we do what we say we want, namely stuff that gives us the feeling we are not contributing to destroying the planet. Yes, we can build those placebos. They wont do what the hydrocarbon model will do as its range is painfully short and charging takes ages but the cool factor still seems to compensate. Plus, the upper echelons of the society does not have the needs of the bulk of the population, and they have possibilities like charging at home. How do you do that when live in a rental place?The message is clear – 80% of the population won’t be able to afford individual mobility anymore. They will struggle to pay for heating and power, they will struggle to make ends meet. And the elites that have designed this mess won’t understand as they cannot relate to the averages. And they will continue shoving this down every ones throat until, the masses revolt. We have gotten a taste of what that looks like in France – but worry not. Compared to what is still to come this will seem quaint.

For many years, the reliable objection to electric vehicles was that they must not be any cleaner because the grid is only 30% clean sources (with respect to GHGs) and the rest is natural gas and coal. That argument has been struck down.

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