LNG producers must avoid over-reliance on Chinese demand growth

The LNG industry must get away from the big lollipop schemes and start to do some real serious market development. There will always be a new big sucking sound for LNG and after an initial suck-off, they lose their stamina and must disappoint in the end. We had the North America craze, and then came shale. We had the after Fukushima Japan craze, and now the nukes go back up. We have China now, and coal will not go away easily. Climb down folks – LNG has one big promising market that waits to get laid. Mobility is the big price – and don’t tell me its not possible. Hit the road and stop going for Godzilla deals.

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) producers must avoid becoming over-reliant on the strong Chinese demand growth seen in the past two years and should intensify efforts to broaden their markets and create new uses for the fuel, senior company executives said at an energy conference this week.

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