Climate Change Is This Generation’s Vietnam War

The current solutions to Climate change are by themselves the biggest threat to the future of our children. Wrecking economic systems is going to do way more harm than any combustion engine ever has. Kids don’t get it – I don’t blame them. Took me 50 years too to figure out some basic stuff about life. Would you let your kid run your business? Probably not – not because you think they are stupid but probably because you want them to figure out some stuff about life before they get to their hands onto the levers.

Every year, the world’s elite gather like the Illuminati in the Swiss chalet town of Davos for the World Economic Forum, where they discuss how to solve humanity’s most pressing problems. Often that results in comically out-of-touch conversations, such as the idea, put forth at this year’s summit, that digital “upskilling” can solve economic inequality.

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