In letter to AOC, Big Labor says Green New Deal could cause ‘immediate harm’ to union workers

There we go – and this is just a pale beginning of what’s in the store. Not only are the so called solutions in the Green New Deal (GND) no real solutions but massive wealth transfer programs, they will also cost a lot of money which means a lot of people will suffer because of those plans. And if we have learned one thing it’s always those at the bottom rungs that suffer most. They can see that now and they will resist. That’s an existential problem for a party that prides itself to be the refuge for the workers of the world. Politicians will listen (well maybe not all of them) and they will adjust to what the majority wants as its them that get them elected. The Environuts are running against a wall and out of time. Give them more rope when they ask for it so energetically.

Big Labor is not buying the Democrats’ Green New Deal, saying the proposed economic and energy reforms could cause “immediate harm” to millions of union employees and threaten their livelihoods.

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