More Americans believe in global warming — but they won’t pay much to fix it

If you made the same survey in Europe you would quickly find that most people would not even spend EUR 5 on Climate Change. Don’t get me wrong – we are used to being force fed by elitist politicians so this is being interpreted as the will of the people but what choice do we really have? Look at what happens in France where the star of the common people became more royal than Mitterrand. Either you vote for some extremist rabble rousers which many don’t want or you pick one of the established parties and you end up with what we had since the dawn of time. People have real problems to take care of – like how to make ends meet. They don’t have energy for some fluffy theory that asks them for a lot of money in exchange for computer models.

Americans increasingly believe climate change is real, that humanity is largely responsible for it and that something needs to be done to fix the problem.

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