Natural Gas Is Stuck in a Vicious Cycle

And why is gas in such a funk? Because the gas industry has still not gotten around to advocating its superstar product to the market in a way more aggressive manner. EV manufacturers blatantly lie a cheat and it’s being shrugged off as some cute foibles when in fact people are being had. They are aggressive as hell and don’t shy back from even the most extreme messages. Their aficionados have the support of Hollywood bigwigs like Schwarzenegger and Di Caprio. And Natural Gas just stands there and takes it on the chin. Natural Gas is solely responsible forever cleaner air in the US and its also the reason why the strain renewables have brought to the grid was patched over with little or no negative consequences for the consumer. Maybe Gas should declare a no-gas-week. Switch all gas off for one week in order to show people what they enjoy now. But we won’t do that -we are reasonable. OK, don’t be like them but call the hucksters before the curtain for everyone to see.

It is getting harder for U.S. natural-gas producers to see the glass as half full.

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