We Went to the Moon. Why Can’t We Solve Climate Change?

The moon shot was an incredibly expensive endeavor. It had cost Americans around 5% of their annual federal budget per year for a number of years to pull off. Climate Change is a very different issue. We can pump Trillions into renewables and battery cars in order to find out down the line that CO2 did not cause Climate Change but that it’s natural and out of our hand. The moonshots filed Americans and even the world with joy and pride. The price tag was big but there was something worthwhile at the end. Combating Climate Change will just show us how helpless we are in the face of nature and how insignificant we are in the grand scheme of things – -hardly a positive feeling. And the price tag for getting into the doldrums will be orders of magnitude bigger than the moonshot. The moonshot did not break the back of an industrial nation – it reinforced it really The current Climate Change alteration methods will kill the foundation of our lives.

The original moon shoot inspired billions. Calling climate action a moon shot isn’t a perfect parallel — but maybe we should try it anyway.

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