Oil and gas in the capitals

Paris is just one of a whole theme park of worthless agreements hatched by politicians that wanted to buy themselves time. It goes like this. Imagine you are a leader of a country. There is a movement of rowdy people that ake demands on some completely nuts theory and there are some hacks saying that they believe the catastrophic theories. They all get a ton of research money as a result. Imagine the leader of a country finds for himself that this all id quack. He/she is still subject to the actions of the pressure group and a coalition of well-funded interest groups. He/she could now go and confront them exposing him/her to criticism. Or he/she could agree to some goals far in the future when he would not be in power for quite a while leaving the problem to his/her successors. What would he/she do? Do the hard thing and fight out his/her convictions or give in and fine?

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