One man’s two-decade quest to suck greenhouse gas out of the sky

Greenpeace co-founder Dr. Patrick Moore had written a summary of the history of CO2 on Earth where he argues that Earth almost lost plant life due to low CO2 levels in the atmosphere. At the time it was at 150ppm which was almost starvation level for all plants. He further says that for most of earths history CO2 levels were much higher than they are even today and that those levels were absolutely necessary for the development of life on earth. Industrial activity emitting CO2 is actually a lifesaver as it gives the atmosphere back what it’s lacking. Climate Alarmists want to play god, and we know how those gambles have mostly ended.

As Lackner looks on, hands in the pockets of his pressed khakis, the machine begins to transform. Three mattress­-shaped metal frames rise from the guts of the receptacle, unfolding like an accordion as they stretch toward the ceiling.

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