Volkswagen just doesn’t get it

Whoa, lets hold the horses here Mr. Dans. You are mixing up a couple of really important things here. Should VW be punished for cheating and lying? Yes, they should. Do they deserve our ire for their criminal behavior? Absolutely. VW and its responsible managers are criminals and like criminals they must be treated. NO MORE. VW is not killing our planet more than the hot air you produce does. For starters, it would be very nice if you drew a fundamental distinction between emissions that harm our health like fine particulates or nitrogen oxides on the one side and those that don’t like CO2 on the other. CO2 does not kill and it’s a natural part of the atmosphere since photosynthesis has started billions of years ago. Eliminate CO2 from the air, and we truly die as this would stop the very fundamentals of life working. Eliminate the other stuff, and we are not only just fine, but we are thriving. As soon as VW has cleaned up its act – meaning that’s its not cheating anymore and repaired the damage done – we should be fine with them just as much as we must endure your vitriol.

Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess, speaking in the context of Tesla’s impressive third quarter results, says the German carmaker “will be able to produce electric vehicles as good as Tesla’s and at half the price by 2020.”

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