Reliance on Foreign Minerals Leaves America at Risk

Let’s see it straight but all those professed humanistic values are a big ugly lie. If I prevent exploitation of my own soil knowing fully well that another country will jump into the breach and not only do what I don’t do anymore, but even does so under the most miserable conditions, I willfully condemn those other people to misery and I don’t give two dams about them. That’s what the Greenies do – they throw others peoples lives into the grinder in order to be able to say that they are so righteous. What they exhibit is no better than what some of the most genocidal regimes of this planet. Killing people by the business end of a gun or by making them waste their lands – where is the difference? At least, if its done in the US there are checks on abusive actions. Not a feature in many resource exporting countries.

The taboo against hard-rock mining in the United States is nonsensical and should be abandoned. Instead, America should embrace a far wiser policy of ensuring greater access to minerals on our public lands, since it’s in our national and economic interest. 

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