Scania covers one of Europe’s longest routes with its G410 LNG truck

Try doing that with an electric truck. I mean, let’s just forget about the fact that electric trucks likely cost 4 times as much at purchase than LNG trucks do. lets also conveniently drop under the table the fact that the weight of the battery is going to kill a lot of payload capacity the truck has. The LNG truck needed 4 fills in order to cover Southern Spain to Sweden. With the right kind of tank, it would have done this with only 2 fills but that’s beside the point because an LNG refill takes much less than 15 minutes. How long would you have to charge your E-Truck for another 150km hop? How many refills – 20? 25? What about when you hit steep roads? Does your 150km range drop to 50 km? What about winter when batteries really lose it? Kiss the life you know today goodbye with those money monsters as we won’t be able to afford many of the goodies we have become accustomed to anymore. And politicians – support LNG or think up some good explanations for your voters. They will want to know why their life goes miserable.

A Scania G 410 HP truck powered by GNL covered the route from Castellón to Stockholm with a refrigerated trailer loaded with 18 tons of vegetables. With 3,000 kilometers between the two cities, this is one of the longest routes made in Europe for Scania with natural gas engine 410 HP, demonstrating the viability of natural gas as fuel for international transport and as a real, profitable and sustainable alternative to diesel. 

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