Fs Italiane, Snam and Hitachi launch pilot to convert trains to natural gas

LNG and trains are made for each other. Large train tanks allow for great insulation of the fuel, very predictable usage patterns allow for very reliable fueling with just one or a few fueling points, its ultra clean and silent and there are a couple of pilot schemes underway which allow drawing direct conclusions. This should be underway in all of Europe. Oh, I forgot. Railcar trailers full of LNG can carry 100m3 of LNG per rail car. This is rolling storage at its best. The notion of line pack might have to be revisited.

FS Italiane, Snam and Hitachi Rail signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), which aims to convert part of the current FS Italiane train fleet from diesel to natural gas, as part of promoting sustainable mobility in Italian public transport.

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