London ULEZ: What is the Ultra Low Emission Zone and how will it affect you?

There will be more of this – and I already heard rumors that a more stringent EURO6 standard is under discussion. Other cities will hop on and find other ways to tighten the straight jacket. Wanna forget about this? Go for LNG as a fuel. Just imagine you buy a new EURO6 truck and 5 years down the line they tighten the limits again. Impossible? Forget about that word – everything is possible. The resale value of your truck is going to be junk. Except – of course – if you go for LNG. You just sleep better.

London has introduced a charge for high-emissions vehicles entering a particular zone in London. As with other cities both large and small, London is struggling with air pollution and – like other cities, too – it has decided the only way is to deter high-polluting vehicles by charging them a daily fee to enter a set area.  

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