Swallowing the Green manifesto leaves a nasty taste in Ireland

Its a big watershed moment and I get it – most big political parties still don’t get it. They still believe that their coddled lives, their grand salaries, great lifestyles (courtesy of the taxpayer) are the real thing for all of us. People have real problems to worry about, Make ends meet, take care of children in and out of school, deal with credit card debt, … Things that keep you awake at night. Climate Change is usually not one of them – except for a tiny elite that can afford to make a ruckus about non-problems. Because they don’t have real problems. It works for a long time, but it reliably fails every single time. Eventually. Climate Change alarmism has a timestamp. And alarmist seem to know it as they have stepped up their hateful talk quite a bit lately. Sign of things to come?

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