Tesla And Electric Cars Don’t Replace Oil And Natural Gas

The Tesla fanboys don’t like this but a vehicle running on bio-methane is cleaner than their supercar. Yes, EV’s produce more emissions (also those for the climate) than a biomethane driven vehicle produces. At the same time, there is no range anxiety with biomethane when its LNG and it’s also cheaper and more reliable. But the world still binges on those expensive, dirty electric vehicles.

With Tesla announcing its 200,000 U.S. sale in July, augmented by Elon Musk’s antics of late, it’s time for some deep thoughts. An article the other day from Amy Harder at Axios got my wheels turning: “Putting Elon Musk’s Tesla into climate change perspective.” That “perspective” is easy enough to understand. Although Tesla and electric cars are widely seen as the solution to climate change, they are just a small part needed in our bag of tricks.

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