Tesla Vehicle Bursts Into Flames, Burns For Hours In Monroeville

The car spontaneously caught fire. It wasn’t like some accident had happened or someone set it on fire. It just burst into flames with no apparent prodding from outside. Now to be fair, there always is a cause for anything but not really understanding what it was makes this just more terrifying. Now, this was a small personal vehicle. This is the damage it has done when it was impossible to extinguish for hours. The battery of the Tesla beast (the transport rig) must be bigger by a factor of multiple tens. Imagine this beast caught fire – with no apparent prodding from outside – while being placed close to your apartment for whatever reason. Just imagine you walk by one and it burst into flames. Any fuel brings its share of danger. Gasoline vehicles burn all the time but not for no known reason. We know when they could potentially do and avoid those situations. How do you avoid situations that we don’t fully understand yet? Don’t get me wrong – EV’s are part of the picture now, but we must approach their issues with equanimity and without rose-tinted glasses.

Firefighters say the vehicle caught fire in February in a garage in Fox Chapel. The vehicle was towed to the shop in Monroeville on Wednesday and somehow caught fire again. Forensic engineers say electric car batteries are unstable.

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