Environmentalists see victory with Green New Deal blitz

I have a feeling the people behind AOC push so hard for the GND because they know that it would damage any presidential candidate for 2020 so badly that he/she would lose to Trump. Why would the AOC team savor a Trump win? Well, it eliminates a lot of her rivals inside the party while she is too young to run for president herself. The aim is not to win power or the presidency as they know that as soon as they got close to actual power, they would be judged on results. Right now, they are in the best possible situation. A great national stage for their destructive message, no real responsibility as they have the double excuse of Trump being president and the old democrat guard apparently holding them back and anyone who does not agree with them in the party gets labeled an enemy of the people and falls in line. They forget one thing – average Joe and Jane don’t give a rats ass for the GND. They care about their current jobs and Trump has a policy anyone understands – bring back manufacturing from China.

Environmentalists and lawmakers are praising a Democratic messaging blitz that they say has put the problem of global warming back at the forefront of the national conversation.

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