Only approved climate change views need apply

I have had countless discussions with Alarmists – most of them online. They all exhibit one disturbing pattern – every time Alarmists are presented with data, they become very aggressive and start using all kinds of tactics in order to shut the conversation down. The only time they are comfortable discussing anything at all is when they think they win, which is rarely ever the case. Hence, the dogma. This is an untouchable truth. Questioning it exposes anyone to the modern equivalent of the stake. Burning heretics virtually is the new norm – dissent is to be squashed. The books must burn and the armies of the church of Climatology must march over all divergent views. We had those things happen here in Austria and subsequently in all of Europe. Its called Fascism and as for me, I don’t want any part of it. This attitude and the craze that goes with it is a graver threat to humanity than even the Cold war was.

Let us behold the “debate” over climate policy now unfolding at the European Union Parliament. Its most prominent feature is a serious effort to deny ExxonMobil (EM) the ability to lobby on climate policy and other related matters with members of the parliament.

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