That Old Gas Stove Is Not Your Friend

I have always been a big fan of giving people what they want. I am glad so many communities in Califonia volunteer to play the guinea pigs for the Climate Hysterians. Those buildings will need tenants, those tenants will enjoy the pleasures of cold apartments with no warm shower or meal possible when current weather and daytime decide so. I am sure they will immediately react like: It’s for the greater good, we are freezing for the planet and maybe a bit to line the pockets of renewable developers. What you say? You believe they will kick those politicians to the dogs next election comes?

As the United States has begun transitioning away from the use of coal and petroleum as a source of electricity and fuel, natural gas has been viewed as a relatively benign fossil fuel. After all, natural gas produces less carbon dioxide when burned than those other fossil fuels. It remains the energy source in about half of California’s buildings.

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