The Earth is Dying

I wonder if any of those authors ever looks at the data. Because if they did they would see that Antarctica is at ice maximum (more ice than ever), that Arctic ice reconstitutes at a rapid rate, that in the Medieval and Roman warm periods the world was a lot warmer with lower CO2 than today and that the same CO2 count produced a little Ice age right around Renaissance. The author would also see that hurricanes in the US have become rarer and less violent over the last 10 years and that the rate of sea level rise has not changed for real in 300 years now. But what’s data, what’s facts when there is a perfectly good model from the IPCC or some other entity that gets its coffers filled with cash when the models become scarier. Never mind those models have failed to predict anything so far but again, that’s not relevant. if only those pesky facts did not get in the way. But hey, Social Media got us addicted to a fake world. We know its fake, but we are very good at just selectively noticing.

The Earth’s climate has been warming and changing since the beginning of it’s existence. However, the Earth’s climate is changing more quickly now than it ever has before, worrying many scientists. Now more than ever, it’s time to take action if we want to keep living on this planet, because if we don’t, the Earth won’t be able to support us and we’ll die as a species as the Earth dies as a planet.

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