The Era of the Gas Mega-Players

Lets put some nuts into that. By 2030 – Russia will have definitely put the plug on the big legacy gas fields that have served them with gas for more than 50 years. Yamal is still here but it’s not going to suffice so I predict that Russias capability to export will suffer tremendously. The US will have ever more gas and it will be cheap so the pressure will build up to put it to good use. Re-Industrialisation of the Lower48 will have gone into high gear as cheap gas and a stable legal environment will prove irresistible. Also, gas as a fuel for transport will have made a big dent into oil use by then. Exports will be less important but still be a factor. Qatar, I am OK with the Qatar thing. And China, China will be in full bloom of the Japanese sickness on steroids. They will still be the biggest coal user by any standard.

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